HOn30 GE 25-Ton Locomotive Etched Brass
This is a picture of an HOn30 General Electric 25-ton locomotive. The kit is a very detailed brass etching from Jackie McNeil. The power unit is a Kato 2-axle N gauge "spud" unit. The disk-shaped copper object is a US penny (7.5 mm diameter).

Mr. McNeil's address is Jackie McNeil, 60 North Street Alley, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada K7G 1L1, 613-382-2359. I believe the price is $30.00 U.S., but you may want to call to check. He also has another kit, for a real free-lanced locomotive from the Thousand Islands Railway, #500. This was featured in the May 1997 Model Railroader, and I think it would look good as an HOn30 engine.

copyright 1997-99 MLRollins