In response to requests, I have released several kits and parts related to model trains. Please use the order form; be sure to make checks payable to "Mark Rollins". If you have questions about items, special shipping or insurance costs, or international orders, please e-mail us at

Small Gearhead Motor (temporarily(?) unavailable) - high quality gearhead motor; dimensions (length x diameter): 1.25" x 0.47"

Tiny Pager Motor - ultra miniature pager motor; dimensions (length x diameter): 0.67" x 0.28"

Class A Climax Locomotive Kit - resin castings to make a HOn30 narrow gauge Climax locomotive.

Tiny 3 Volt DC Motor - tiny motor; dimensions (length x W x W):  0.85" x 0.71" x 0.37"

Electronic Siren - Press the switch and a rising tone is produced until a steady tone is reached.

Train Sounds Kit - Circuit produces four different sounds.

Light Sensitive Relay - Circuit uses ambient light to control a relay.

Tandem Dual LED Flasher - Circuit flashes two LEDs in unison; available with adjustable flashing rate.

10 LED Sequential Flasher - Circuit flashes 10 LEDs in sequence.

Fairmont-type Speeder Kit - resin castings to make a HOn30 narrow gauge Fairmont-type speeder. (available by 3/30/2000.


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