Here is a summary of, and some scenes from, my layout.

Power is provided by MRC powerpacks. I used to use a Control Master 20. Momentum, memory, an unpluggable controller and realistic braking, it's a great unit. A Tech II 1400, which is a good inexpensive unit, provides power to an almost completed HOn30 mining module.


Views of a switching yard module.

A General Electric 44-Tonner pushes a load of coal onto an offload area.
The tail end of a long freight haul passes over a small culvert. (208k)

An EMD SW1500 heads up towards the main line.

A freight train on the move.
Views of a rural scene module.
Views of an industrial module.
Views of a small narrow-gauge HOn30 mining module.

About the Photos
These photos were taken with a Pentax 35 mm camera, set on aperature priority automatic. Extension tubes - 31 mm, 21 mm and 13 mm plus various combinations of these - were used for the closeups. Lighting was accomplished by using two Sylvania DWC 150 watt tungsten floodlights. Colors were corrected by using a blue Tungsten filter (type 80A) on the lens.

When taking pictures of your own, be aware of the following: 1) use a tripod, 2) use lots of light, 3) use at least 200 speed film, and 4) close the aperature down (the higher the number the better) to get a good depth of field.

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