Newton System Enhamcements

These reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer. Note that if a shareware feee has not been paid by me, it is because I have tried your product(s), but do not use them. The fact I do not use them does not mean they are bad products.

BackDrop Plus (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
Allows you to close the notepad application, saving about 10 k in heap space. From Standalone.

Barkeep (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
Makes the button bar's width, location and icon size and spacing automatically configurable, depending on screen orientation (see below for the way I keep my buttonbar). Comes with "KillBBextension," which can hide the button bar completely. From ICS.

Two new buttons will appear in the button bar of the Notepad application. Pressing the "End" button (down arrow) positions you at the end of the Notepad (the most recent note). Pressing the "Back" button (curving up arrow) positions you at the note you were at prior to pressing the "End" button. From Steve Dohrmann, e-mail

Fax Cover Creator (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
The name is self-explanatory. From Standalone.

FontPack (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
Adds a button to the notepad that allows access to more font sizes, styles includes several bitmap fonts. Now has a version that allows Styles access only. From Standalone.

GSstat (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
Small app that when tapped does a "garbage collection," freeing up RAM; install it on your button bar when Web browsing to avoid System lock-ups. From DeepFocus Designs.

HeapSaver (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
Small app that apparently reclaims heap space; the amount reclaimed varies with system configuration. From Standalone.

Lava (Newton 2.1 OS recommended)
Backlight control turns it on during power-up, dims automatically and turns it back on when your pen touches the screen.

From the Novanto Group (, this replaces the standard (and lame) Newton Formulas conversion calculator with one that is useful. You can even see what that $0.20 per hour raise will give you at year's end.

NewtCase (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
I still don't know how they avoided a lawsuit from Symantec over the name "SuitCase", but this product from Innovative Computer Solutions ( is a gem. The original Newton, with its 128k RAM, can easily run out of memory when many applications are installed. This is because each installed app - running or not - uses a bit of the precious "heap space memory". NewtCase allows you to archive applications you're not using, freeing up almost all the memory!

The new Newton OS supports a keyboard; well so does this program. A new version came out on 4/10/96. From Gopi Flaherty, e-mail

NoteHopper (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
Adds a button to the notepad that allows the Notepad to go to various notes; first, last, previous, etc. From Catamount Software.

NoteScroller (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
Adds a button to the notepad that allows the notepad to scroll one line at a time. From Catamount Software.

From the Novanto Group (, this replaces the standard (and lame) Newton Styles palette with one that allows italics, larger sized text, and shaded boxes.

SAME - StandAlone Menu Editor (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
Allows you to edit the contents of the pop-up carat menu. See how I've edited mine. From Standalone.

Allows you to call up the Styles palette with one click in the uppermost corner of the Newton's screen. Two versions, one for top left corner, one for top right. From Kevin Fox, address

Newton Sleeper is an Autopart. It has no icon in the extras drawer. When installed it will place a button on the Notepad's status bar that has an icon resembling the one on the power switch. Author's e-mail address is

Speed - from StandAlone - is a gem of a shareware product. It's purpose is to dramatically speed up the Newton. Have you ever tried to change folders, and those that contain hundreds of notes take forever (well, minutes maybe) to show up. Speed reduces this to a second or two.

SpellMan (Newton 2.1 OS must-have)
Adds a spell check button to the notepad. From Standalone.

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