Kits - 03/00 prices
To order any of these items, please use the order form below; be sure to make checks payable to "Mark Rollins". If you have questions about items, special shipping or insurance costs, or international orders, please e-mail us at

Mail to Rollins Railroad Designs, 360 Canterbury Road, Brooklyn, CT USA 06234

Item and description                              Part #        Price   X   Quantity   =  Total

       small gearhead motor                   001motrr     25.00 (temporarily(?) unavailable)

       tiny pager motor                         002motrr       6.00

       Class A Climax kit HOn30/n3      001hon30     38.00

       tiny 3 VDC motor                       003motrr       4.00

       small 12 VDC motor                   004motrr        5.00

       siren/horn kit                              001kitrr        11.00

       train sounds kit                           002kitrr        19.00

       light sensitive relay kit*                003kitrr        20.00

       *12 VDC power for 003kitrr        001powrr       8.50

       special 003kitrr & 001powrr        004kitrr        27.50

       tandem dual LED flasher kit         005kitrr          5.00

       adjustable dual LED flasher kit      006kitrr        12.00

       10 LED sequence flasher kit         007kitrr        12.00

      Fairmont Speeder kit HOn30/3     002hon30       28.00

      HOn3/HOn30 Climax sideframes   003hon30        7.00


                                   CT shipping addresses must include 6% sales tax:

           US/APO/Canada/Mexico shipping is 2.00 or 3.50 for Priority Mail:

                                                                                        grand total:

                       please make checks and money orders payable to "Mark Rollins"

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, although every attempt is made to ship orders as soon as possible. Contact us with any questions. Defective kits or parts will be replaced. Kits once started cannot be returned. Not responsible for uninsured orders. Checks and money orders from foreign countries must be payable in U.S. dollars and must have a routing number (ABA number) on them.