HOn30 and Other Projects
This are pictures of unfinished projects. The disk-shaped copper object is a US penny (7.5 mm diameter).

Not really an unfinished project, but if you want the best HOn30 trucks, including brake shoes, I use Grandt Line 5110/5111 with special custom-made NWSL wheelsets.

You can also try to convert existing HOn3 to HOn30. You can try to trim the stock plastic axles by hand, but there's a better way. What I did was to remove the wheel/axle sets from the trucks, and chuck one wheel (hand tight) into a Makita electric screwdriver. I then held the axle (in the space between the wheels, I hope this explanation is clear) with a pair of pliers, close to the wheel. This limited the distance the wheel would slide on the axle, and any axle warpage.

I then pulled the trigger on the drill, causing it to turn the wheel faster and faster - until the plastic axle began to soften. Steady pressure forced the axle into the wheel more, reducing the gauge. I did the other side, taking care to initially push the wheels in a bit more than necessary, as I can always slide the wheels out.

Time to do 2 axles (4 wheels), less than 5 minutes.

The railbus and diesel are from Brick Price. Great kits, I just haven't finished them yet.

Below is a comparison of HO, HOn30 (or N gauge), and Z gauge track. The Z scale 0-6-0 will be used to make a 18" gauge mining railroad. The parts for the conversion are from Colonial Castings.

Below is a neat little unpowered Kato N scale unit. I plan to make a larger cab, and power it some way.

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